Main Cast: - Good Guys

Lee: That’s me. I am not a spy… but I do work with spies. I am also in a relationship with a particularly handsome co-worker (yes he's a spy.) Hoping that this is the break in my streak of having terrible taste in men. I have two cats and an uncanny knack of getting into trouble.
[Power: Invisibility] [Secondary Power: Energy manipulation]

Katie: Sweet, sexy, annoyingly good at everything and annoyingly likable. In love with Michael (sigh). Head strong, passionate and my best female friend.
[Power: Flight]

Michael: Handsome, charming, handsome, brave, kind, earnest and also handsome. Head field agent. In love with Katie. Very handsome.
[Power: Super Strength]

Stanley: Adorable, awkward, always right and smarter than everyone, ever. He is our technology expert, inventor and  Best Friend.
[Power: Phasing]

Alex: My boyfriend. Intensely yummy and charming. Has adorable smile, scruffy hair and looks spectacular with his shirt off. Has strangely close relationship with his boss Director Guerra. I'm really hoping he doesn't turn out to be evil.
[Power: Compelling truth through touch.]

Rei: Lovely agent who has a crush on Stanley. She's kind, pretty and is all flippy and acrobatic.
[Power: Foresight]

Main Cast: - Bad Guys:

Helena: Beautiful, evil, makes one question their heterosexuality… never mind. Wants to give superpowers to everyone. Possibly shagging Daniel. Boss of villainous organisation.
[Power: Teleportation]

Daniel: Prick. Prick. Prick. Misleadingly charming smile. Prick. Prick. Prick. Prick.
[Power: Telekinesis … and being a prick]

The Russian: Scary, doesn’t really talk, likes things to be dead… preferably crispy too.
[Power: Fire]