Monday, October 18

I am not a spy.

I am not a spy.

But I do work for a secret government intelligence and securities agency that conducts covert activities and saves the world on a regular basis...

Having said that, would you believe me if I said my life was surprisingly dull. Mostly I do data entry and make coffee.

Also, I’m single

Last night I was living happily with long term boyfriend, today I’m a spinster who lives alone with her two cats, and since I have no one to talk to right now (talking to my cats would take me down a disturbing path I am only narrowly avoiding as it is) this is really my only other option.

As I was saying...  I’m single now; we just broke up last night.


Because he’s a cheating scumbag whose private area is going to rot painfully and slowly, before hopefully falling off while in line at the post office...

I miss him.

I'm going to work.


  1. Data entry and coffee making... pretty much describes my first job. Love this!

  2. I hope life has improved for you and you have found an affirmative relationship

  3. I hope you have moved on and found happiness