Monday, October 18

First full day of spinster-hood.

Today was a pretty normal day at work. Although normal is relative I guess. How many people have to unpack and barcode scan unused spy gadgetry from the previous missions kit bag? Sometimes it feels like I work at the weirdest supermarket ever.

Tranquiliser Gun… Beep.
Grappling Hook…Beep.
Detonator… no beep… no beep… still no beep (scan extra slowly) … Beep.

I should probably tell you about my office. Well it’s all very sleek and shiny and is also underground, so there’s a significant lack of natural light (which is my excuse for pasty skin.) The people I work with are all very good at what they do and lead vastly more interesting lives than me.

There’s my boss Director Moore, he’s the "intimidating used to be a spy and could still take you out in a blink" sort. He never uses anyone’s first names and always elongates the Miss or Mister part of your name. Good work Miissss Sarah (is something I have never heard him say.)

Then there’s Michael, (sigh) who’s charming, handsome, dedicated and handsome (and no I didn’t say handsome twice by mistake, he’s just that handsome.) He’s our top spy, along with his partner Katie. They are clearly in love with each other (they think they’re subtle) but Michael won’t let it go anywhere cause they work together. Their romance is beautiful and melancholy (okay I may be a little too invested but it’s better than a soap opera, really.) Katie’s pretty brilliant; intimidating and gorgeous but still brilliant... and always sticks up for me.

Our other top spy is William, he’s a bit older than Michael and Katie but he has a cool James Bond, old school vibe about him. I don’t really interact with him much. (I think he thinks I'm the janitor.)

And of course there’s Stanley, who's the closest thing I have to a friend at work. He isn’t a spy either, he’s the tech guy and he’s a sweetie. (A bit odd but then look who’s talking.) I get super jealous because he gets to go on missions and do computery (it's a word now)stuff. But it’s fine because he tells me everything that happened when he gets back (plus he always brings me a cheesy magnet back from wherever they went, I have an impressive collection.)

That’s pretty much the people I see most at work, we all work pretty close to each other and it’s a small team. There are other people, obviously, but I don’t tend to get around the office to chat or anything.

Anyway am off to bed, as soon as I change my bed sheets (they smell like my ex and it’s making me sad.)

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  1. How can I find a job like that? Lol
    I'm sorry to hear about your ex, but it's better to have found out about all of this now before there was a ring and a certificate.
    Also, I think you're weird for *not* talking to your cats.